Frequent asked questions

Yes we do offer drop off service at a rate of $1.00 per pound. You drop your clothes off and we have your clothes washed, dried hung or folded, or prepared otherwise to your specifications. We get your laundry done quickly and save you the trouble. If you drop your laundry off in the morning before 10am, it is usually ready for you sometime later in the day.

We are very happy to spray spot stains to remove them from your laundry so long as you are sure to point them out to us. We provide this service at no extra charge.

Our largest washers (Monster Loads) hold about 90 lbs. of laundry, large enough to wash a boat cover, car cover, 4 sleeping bags at once or 6-8 standard size pillows at a time. Our jumbo machines can accommodate dog beds, patio furniture cushions, and many other things that don’t fit in your home or apartment washer. Our New 450 G-Force washers extract most of the water from these large items so you can take them home and lay them in the sun to finish drying.

Yes, we recently replaced all of the old dryers with brand new Electrolux Eco friendly smart dryers.  You’ll be very satisfied with the efficiency.

YES we are open on ALL holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas. We close early on Easter Sunday and July 4th.

Certainly, you can bring your own quarters, but we do have change machines that take bills of all sizes up to $20.

Yes, but please make sure to put them in with the clothes and NOT in the Soap Dispenser, or else we’ll have a goopy mess and your clothes won’t get very clean.

We are in a shopping complex with plenty of parking.

Yes, and it’s FREE!

Password: washfirst (All lower case).

Open at 7am, last load 8pm.

Yes, our employees do accept tips if you feel so inclined, and your tips are greatly appreciated!